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DubaiConsult… ultimate offshore solutions

If you’re considering or planning an offshore company, DubaiConsult can help you every step of the way. With a team of professionals highly experienced across all aspects of UAE business formation, we will ensure that you have the information, support and assistance you need to establish, equip and service your offshore company quickly and efficiently.

We can provide a complete package, including:

Why choose offshore?

An offshore (or ‘non-resident’) company is one that is incorporated outside the jurisdiction in which it conducts its primary operations. Although an offshore company may not trade substantially within the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated, its offshore company status attracts many valuable benefits and freedoms, such as:

The offshore company is a valuable international tax planning tool that suits many business formats. It is a popular choice for diverse operations including general trade, consulting and advisory services, holding companies, property and investment companies, international services and shipping. However no matter what format or sector, precise and professional advice is essential to comply with all necessary regulations and requirements and deliver the best possible advantages.

UAE: the offshore jurisdiction of choice

There are numerous offshore jurisdictions, and the right one for you and your project will depend on many factors. However, the UAE offers exceptional advantages as an offshore jurisdiction. Unlike many others, the UAE is not ‘blacklisted’ by the OECD or FATF, nor is it simply a ‘tax haven’: it is a nation in its own right with a burgeoning economy and a fine history of progress in international business and finance. With its stable economic and political character, rapid growth and exceptional living standards, the UAE is becoming the envy of the world. DubaiConsult is only too happy to discuss your aspirations, plans and ideas to help you make the right business decision for you.