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DubaiConsult… legal clarity

Most investors and entrepreneurs will, from time to time, require local, reputable legal advice and services to help them conduct of their business in the UAE.  DubaiConsult provides professional legal services that ensure a clear, efficient and smooth path through any legal issues you might encounter. Our legal solutions are provided by our trusted legal associates, all of whom are fully qualified and registered in compliance with UAE regulations and requirements.

Our expert can help you with the following legal areas:

Expert reports and legal opinions

Our team of lawyers and legal consultants provide formal expert reports and legal opinions in commercial law, real estate law, family law and Sharia law as well as other specialist legal areas. We can support and assist you in the risk analysis process and help you to make the right decisions about your next steps.

Legal opinions can also be presented after an event (for example following the purchase of a Sharia-compliant property) in order to evaluate the legal situation and the impact of the decision-making process. Whether you are foreign to the UAE and wish to learn more about its laws or their implications, or whether you are Dubai-based and venturing into new areas of the law, we would be very proud to help.